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5 Cool Facts About Rugby – FloRugby

Ever since William Webb Ellis picked up the soccer ball and ran with it all the way back in 1823, the beautiful game of rugby has gifted players and fans around the world with its grace. In its history, rugby has touched the lives of many, and has created some incredible moments all across the globe. 

Here are five facts about rugby that may serve to pique your interest:

How It All Began

As the legend goes, in 1823 a boy by the name of William Webb Ellis was playing in a soccer game for his school, Rugby School, when the ball was kicked and landed in his arms. The boy then ran down the field with the ball in his hands, creating a new sport right then and there that would come to be known as “Rugby Football”. His name is forever etched into rugby folklore, and every four years the William Webb Ellis Trophy is handed to the team that wins the Rugby World Cup. 

The All Blacks & Springboks Have Won The Most World Cups

Though rugby has been around since the 1800’s, the World Cup didn’t begin until 1987, when the first one was held in New Zealand. 

The New Zealand All Blacks won the inaugural competition on home soil, but didn’t win another until 2011, which was also in their home country. They added one more to the trophy cabinet in 2015 at the World Cup in England, giving them a total of three, tied for the most

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